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Pre-need Arrangements
St. Peter′s Cemetery offers the convenience of pre-need arrangements for the purchase of graves, family lots, crypts, private mausoleums or cremain niches.

An irrevocable trust fund secures the pre-payment of future cemetery services, such as grave opening and closing fees.

We also offer installment purchase plans (0% interest) for pre-need burial package, private mausoluem, and crypt purchases.

Our experienced office staff is available (Monday thru Friday, except holidays) to provide details and answer questions about our pre-need plans and services.

Pre-need arrangements provide several advantages:
  • You freeze your costs against future price increases,
  • You make better decisions when you have time to carefully consider available choices and select the best options for you and your family,
  • You relieve your family of the stress of making all the decisions and arrangements at a time of need, a time when they are emotionally upset, and
  • Your pre-need arrangements may also qualify as an exempt asset when filing for Medicaid assistance.