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Rules & Regulations
Decoration Removal
Decorations placed on graves and crypts will be removed by the cemetery staff on the 1st working day of February, July, and October

Regulation Details
To preserve the cemetery's attractive appearance it has been necessary to establish a few rules. (Click on one of the following categories to see specific rules):

Historical Rules
The need for cemetery rules is not new. We thought visitors to our web site would enjoy seeing some of our rules from the past:
  • Picking flowers, cutting sods, and tying horses to trees is strictly prohibited, as well as walking on graves on Sundays.
  • Fast driving is not allowed. Persons having vehicles, or on horseback, are not allowed to leave the roads.
  • No horse or team shall be left unattended, but shall be tied to the hitching posts provided for that purpose. Tying horses to trees is strictly prohibited.
Horse Drawn Hearse