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Rules & Regulations
Decoration Removal
Decorations placed on graves and crypts will be removed by the cemetery staff on the 1st working day of February, July, and October

Regulation Details
To preserve the cemetery's attractive appearance it has been necessary to establish a few rules. (Click on one of the following categories to see specific rules):
Monument Types Allowed

Garden of St. PeterFlat Grass Marker - Sawed Sides
Garden of The BibleFlat Grass Marker
Section 2Any Type
Section 3Any Type
Section 4Any Type
Section 5Any Type
Section 6Any Type
Section 7Any Type
Section 8Any Type
Section 10Slant or Bevel Marker*
Section 11Any Type
Section 12Flat Grass Marker
Section 13Any Type
Section 15Flat Grass Marker
Section 16Any Type
Section 17Any Type
Section 18Flat Grass Marker
Section 20Any Type
Section 21Any Type
Section 22Any Type
Section 23Any Type
Section 24Any Type
Section 25Any Type
Section 26Any Type
Section 27Flat Grass Marker
Section 28Flat Grass, Slant or Bevel Marker*
Section 29Any Type
Section 30Any Type
Old SectionAny Type
Bethany SectionAny Type
Baby SectionsMaximum Size 24"x12", Any Height

* Slant and Bevel Markers restricted to 12" Maximum Height