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Burial Search

Usage Notes:  Exact match is on by default.  Unchecking this box will perform a soundex search.  Provide as much information as is possible to avoid timeouts in waiting for the database to respond.

The search database includes burials thru December 31, 2017.

Wildcards:  You may use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character.  LEAVE THE 'Exact Match' BOX CHECKED WHEN USING WILDCARDS.

Example 1:   b*t*a in a name field would yield any name that begins with 'b', has 't' in the middle anywhere, and ends in 'a'.
Example 2:   t* in a name field would yield any name that begins with 't'.
Example 3:   *a in a name field would yield any name that ends with 'a'.

NOTICE:  If at anytime you receive a blank page or a message such as "cannot display web page", it is probably due to the search results exceeding reasonable limits.  Try limiting the results as much as possible by removing wild cards and/or providing both name AND burial date information.  If you still do not get a results page, you may contact the St. Peter's Cemetery office for the requested information.

Deceased Name       First:   Last:    Exact Match:
Burial Date Range  (mm/dd/yyyy)       From:          Through:

If the desired results are not found using this search page, the cemetery staff or the St. Peter's Church Historian will conduct requested searches as time permits. Requests should be submitted to the cemetery office. Before submitting a request for a database search, persons should read our Genealogy page for fees and alternative sources of information about burials at St. Peter's Cemetery.