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Cemetery History
In 1846, nine acres were purchased on Lemp Avenue to serve as the church's first cemetery. As the city of St. Louis grew, it soon became apparent that this small property would not prove to be adequate. In July 1855, the church purchased 34 acres of land at the cemetery's present location on Lucas and Hunt Road from John F. Darby. The first burial at the new location was made in October of that year.

By 1867, the cemetery was again in need of additional land. Nine acres were purchased from John Stevens. In 1897, another 48 acres were purchased from the estate of Jesse Lindell. The final purchases were made in 1911, when an additional 18 acres were purchased from Joseph Gummersbach and 10 acres were purchased from Henry Raterman. These land purchases enlarged the cemetery to its current 119-acre size at the Lucas and Hunt site.

In 1988, St. Peter's Cemetery assumed responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the 28-acre Bethany Cemetery. Located on St. Charles Rock Road, a short distance from the main site, this area is now known as the Bethany Section of St. Peter's Cemetery.

There have been many improvements made over the years. The present entrance and administration building was constructed in 1926. The first section of the beautiful rock wall bordering the front length of the cemetery was built in 1932, the second section in 1939, and the final section was completed in 1994. The Garden of St. Peter was developed in 1959 and the Garden of the Bible in 1986. A Mausoleum, Chapel, and Garden Crypt Complex was constructed in 2003. The latest effort to serve the needs of the community was replacement of the Columbarium in 2017.

The cemetery was put under endowed care in 1912, thus insuring it would always be well cared for. An Endowed Care Trust Fund, separate from the church, was formally established in 1941 to administer and invest the endowment. A portion of every grave, crypt, or niche sale is paid into the Endowed Care Trust Fund.

Many prominent people are buried in St. Peter's Cemetery. This includes the Peter's family (founders of International Shoe Company), James "Cool Papa" Bell, State Senator Paula Carter, Wendell Pruitt, Homer G. Phillips, and many more.

A more comprehensive history of the cemetery has been published in book form. Copies are available from the cemetery office (for a small fee) or can be viewed at the St. Louis Public Library and the St. Louis County Library.